Hi, I'm Vera.

By day, I’m a writer and editor for an arts college. By night, a reader of Russian literature, maker of culinary experiments, and the author of this blog.

I grew up in New York, but I now live in San Francisco—the place where I learned about Romanesco, watermelon radishes, Cara Cara oranges, Adriatic figs, Rainier cherries, and the beauty of the eight-month strawberry season.

The Moon in My Kitchen is where I write about food and share stories. As you will soon find out, some of these stories are food-related while others are not.

I tend to be in my kitchen in the very early morning or at night—the “off” hours, when all of the dreaming takes place and all of the imagining occurs. During the other times, I go to work, pay my bills, vacuum my floors. But it is during these solitary hours, the ones that seem to count less—that fall out of sync with life’s normal routines—where the meaning is created.

I suppose you could say that I have a secret life. It runs parallel to the one that takes up most of my time.

This blog helps me shift the balance.

If you’re reading this: Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.